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April of 2022 marks a 25-year milestone for the personal finance classic Rich Dad Poor Dad that still ranks as the #1 Personal Finance book of all time. And although 25 years have passed since Rich Dad Poor Dad was first published,readers will find that very little in the book itself has changed ― and for good reason. While so much in our world is changing a high speed, the lessons about money and the principles of Rich Dad Poor Dad haven’t changed. Today, as money continues to play a key role in our daily lives, the messages in Robert Kiyosaki’s international bestseller are more timely and more important than ever.

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2 reviews for Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

  1. hii hii


    Loved the concepts and ideas!
    As a newbie in the stock market, this book came in at the right time to help clear some contexts and the psychology one should have before investing. Would recommend it to everyone who wants to manage their money better (especially the older generation).
    Looking forward to many more learnings and lessons in the financial world.

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